New HETUS-compatible CaDDI

CTUR has recently developed and run a HETUS-compatible version of its ‘Click and Drag Diary Instrument’ (CaDDI) designed to demonstrate how drop-down menus can expand the activity categories of the original design to compatibility with the full HETUS classification of activities list.  For this version the basic 7-field design of the original CaDDI was retained, but the main and secondary lists of activity were expanded in drop-down menus to include over 100 activities, fully compatible with the 2018 HETUS Guidelines (minor changes were also made to the location field and transportation mode coding to ensure compatibility). While previous CaDDI datasets have been collected using quota-representative market research panel respondents, this version has recently been successfully run using a UK nationally-representative sample, provided by NatCen Social Research.  The resulting data set is currently in preparation for deposit in the UK Data Archive. 

A demonstration file showing the process of completion for both a horizontal (computer screen) or vertical (smartphone) functionality is available below.

Diary tool Instruction videos